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Thursday June 30th, 2016

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Tax News

Thursday June 30th, 2016

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How Would Jeb Bush's Tax Plan Affect You?

More than any other presidential candidate, Jeb Bush has put forth a plan that dramatically changes the landscape for individual taxpayers.

What Congress Didn't Do Before Summer Vacation

As Congress was heading for recess late last month, lawmakers passed several important tax changes. But they failed to act on others that are even more important.

IRA Advisers Face Tougher Standards on Rollovers

This week, consumer advocates, academics and financial services-industry executives debated proposed regulations that would toughen oversight of professionals who offer advice on IRA rollovers.

A New Tax Break for Married Couples

The IRS has just issued final rules detailing a generous estate-tax break for millions of couples. Here’s how to take advantage of it.

U.S. Investors May Owe China

As access to mainland-listed ‘A shares’ expands, there are questions about tax on gains from 2009 through last year.

Taxes: How to Reverse a Mistake

To fix an error on your tax return, file an amended return on Form 1040X.

Last-Minute Moves Before Tax Man Calls

As April 15 nears, taxpayers face new provisions and a harder time getting help from the IRS. Here’s how to avoid pitfalls.

How Cheating on Taxes Led to Prison

The cautionary tale of an Atlanta-area entrepreneur with a secret Swiss bank account who didn’t report all his income.

Protect Yourself From Tax Identity Theft

Hackers are using stolen identities to commit tax refund fraud. Here are moves to limit the risk—and steps to take if you’re a victim.

Taxes: Make the Most of Your Charitable Giving

Not every donor or every contribution qualifies for a tax deduction.

Fraud Alert: What TurboTax Users Need to Know Now

Answers to questions people are asking after a spate of bogus tax filings.

Don't Fall Into a Tax Trap

With the April 15 deadline looming, here are the hidden hazards that can cost taxpayers money—or get them in trouble with the IRS.

Some Closing Thoughts on Taxes

Tom Herman’s last Sunday WSJ ‘Tax Tip’ column on selling your home, audits and the alternative minimum tax.

Why 'Free File' for Taxes Isn't So Popular

Here is how taxpayers can navigate the maze of offerings and avoid unnecessary charges.

For Most Taxpayers, No More Income Averaging

Lawmakers repealed income averaging many years ago for most taxpayers. But they made some exceptions: People in farming or fishing may still qualify for a form of income averaging.

States That Tax Social Security Benefits

Minnesota is among 13 states that slap some kind of tax on Social Security income. Some of those states, among them Connecticut and Montana, have separate calculations and/or income limits to determine taxable benefits.

IRS Giveaway: Tax-Filing Software

About 70% of all taxpayers are eligible for free federal income-tax-preparation and electronic-filing software through a program known as ‘Free File.’

A Big No-No If You're Giving to a Charity From Your IRA

Not all charities are created equal when it comes to giving directly from your retirement account, warns Tom Herman.

Social Security's New Income Rules

The cap on taxable income is rising this year.

Clements: Misguided Money Ideas I Keep Hearing

Jonathan Clements responds to readers on when to claim Social Security, buying individual bonds or bond funds, and whether to pay off a mortgage early.