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Friday August 29th, 2014

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Friday August 29th, 2014

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A Montana Home on the Bitterroot River

This farm comes with views, a pond and a tree nursery

Real Estate's Self-Made Mogul

Don Peebles, the son of a mechanic, built a real-estate empire that includes three palatial family homes; meals sent up by dumbwaiter.

Religion's Effect on Real Estate

A German study says living near—but not too near—a house of worship results in a 4.8% price bump

The 'Shoffice' Solution

London homeowners who have maximized the square footage in their attics and basements are now building a backyard 'shoffice,' a cross between a shed and an office.

Miami Heat's Chalmers Lists Condo

On the 49th floor of the Marquis Residences, across the street from American Airlines Arena, the two-story condo is 5,475 square feet

Cost Dispute Halts Work on Brooklyn Apartment Tower

Contractor Skanska is in fight with developer Forest City over added costs at tower next to Barclays Center that is using modular construction.

Roots of a High-Tech Revolution

Chuck Hull, the inventor of the 3-D printer, learned determination growing up on a Colorado farm

An English Mansion With Massive Basement Asks $29 Million

Located in Surrey, in an area with development restrictions, the home's underground space is about 7,000 square feet—almost as large as the space built above ground

'Supernatural''s Jensen Ackles To List Malibu Home

The co-star of the long-running television series will be putting his nearly 6,000-square-foot house on the market for $6.995 million

The Beauty in London's Beast

Long regarded as one of the city's greatest eyesores, the sprawling Barbican complex is now attracting a new following—and is commanding price premiums to match.

Welcome to the Guesthouse

Sometimes offices, sometimes crash pads for Junior, guesthouses are enjoying a moment, even if they're rarely being used to house actual guests.

Tom Robbins and Life in a Four-Wing Circus

The best-selling author's Washington state compound is an homage to Pop Art, jungle lore and circus imagery.

Cape Town Is Escape Town

Foreign home buyers looking for holiday and retirement destinations are investing in the South African city.

T.M.I. on Home Loans

Home buyers cite information overload when seeking mortgage advice—while specific totals on payments and rates are hard to get, a survey finds.

Elevated State in Georgia

This 1920s English-style stone home perched on Lookout Mountain has views into Tennessee.

A Large Hamptons Spread Asks $34.99 Million

The estate of cable and telecommunications entrepreneur Richard Treibick lists the 31-acre Sagaponack property as two separate parcels.

Southampton Property To Go on the Market for $50 Million

The beachfront property with two Tudor-style homes was once part of the Wooldon Manor estate.

The Trouble With Living Large

Everyone wants to have more space, but some homeowners find that an extra-large house comes with complications.

A Jumbo-Loan Service for Service Members

Active military and veterans can get jumbo home loans guaranteed by the VA. Interest rates are competitive, down payment requirements are much lower, and private mortgage insurance is waived.

Jamie Wyeth's Portrait of His Family

The artist reflects on the lessons he learned about art and life from the long line of artists in the Wyeth clan

Hotel Chain Gives It the Old College Try

A new hotel brand thinks it can win a devoted following by offering guests a chance to relive the college experience.

Project Climbs Out of Its Hole

The battle over the stalled Chicago Spire project, one of the most high-profile real-estate developments clobbered by the downturn, has taken another step toward being resolved.

Brazil Hotel Chain on the Block

A U.S. real-estate investor could become one of the largest hotel owners in Brazil if the firm succeeds in a tender offer that values Brazil Hospitality Group at $1 billion.

Sam Zell, Ex-Partner Face Off in Emerging Markets

Since an acrimonious split, Sam Zell and his former partner Gary Garrabrant have kept their distance. Now they are preparing to square off on turf they once conquered together: emerging-markets real estate.