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Wednesday July 17th, 2024

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Our motto is “Settlement Any Place, Any Time”

  • Staff Attorneys
  • Approved Attorney Rates
  • Experienced Staff
  • Experienced in purchases, refinances and short sales
  • Convenient locations
  • Fully computerized
  • We will settle in your home if necessary
  • Accommodation Settlements

Pa Realty Abstract Co. has been in operation since 1985 and is a full service title insurance agency with attorneys on staff and it qualifies to offer an approved attorney rate to clients and to other attorneys who meet requirements of Fidelity National Title Insurance Company and Old Republic, our underwriters.

I have two full-time staff people. My manager, Linda Craskey has been with PA Realty Abstract for over 21 years and her assistant manger, Christina Fantini for over 15 years. Linda is a licensed real estate broker and both she and Chris have been in the real estate business for many years before coming with me. Both have unique knowledge and perspective in the title business in handling settlements. They know how to get a deal to the settlement table, despite the intricacies or complexities of the title issues that may develop. We have handled settlements for as little as a $20,000 vacant piece of ground to our largest which was a $250,000 million power plant.

We are fully computerized and we have a laptop and portable printer to handle the right settlement anywhere. Linda has gone to New York to handle settlements for large apartment complexes. She recently spent an entire day in New York for a major client’s settlement.

Because staff attorneys are always available and I am only a phone call away, Linda can get answers to any legal problems that arise. For my clients, because I know Linda and Chris are handling it properly, I only have to get involved when a legal complication that they can’t handle arises, which is rare, thus keeping my attorney’s fees down for the purchase.

Also, because we have attorneys on staff, when asked to do something that title agents are not supposed to do such as extra deeds or mortgage documents, we can get them accomplished for a modest fee. We will be happy to handle accommodation settlements for deals not requiring title insurance for a reasonable charge.

I think the most unusual situation was one where we had documents for a refinancing signed by a doctor in the parking lot at a hospital on a Saturday morning because he didn’t have any other time to sign the documents.

Our office is in the Chadds Ford Professional Center , Building 100, Suite 106 at the corner of Rts. 1 and 202 in Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania [PHONE #: 610-459-9001 ] and we have settlement offices in Media and Newtown Square, but we will settle in your home, if necessary.

Call for a premium quote:. We would need the following information to give you a proper quote: Amount of insurance, purchase price, mortgage amount, last time property was sold or refinanced, whether you’re a client of Don’s, or an approved attorney.

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